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Get organized, book more clients and shave 10-20 hours off your work week.

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Simple programming to keep every part of your business at your fingertips


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Easily and automatically communicate with your clients even when your out of the office.


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For 20 years we’ve provided daily support, tips and tricks and organization to help our clients grow their businesses.

How It Works

Choose Your Plan

Chose Your plan
With a completely flexible software program you can choose only what you need to get started and add services as you grow.

Download The Software

Download the Software
A simple download gets you up and ready to go in mere minutes.

Get Started

Get Started
Start organizing and growing your business immediately with our support team.

Annie B.

Kennel Connection is like having an employee but better: It doesn't take breaks, it keeps me organized, it always shows up on time and it makes me money.

Andrew R.

With constant updates and good Customer Support, Kennel Connection is the the first choice for the truly professionally run dog care facility. Kennel Connection makes it all just a little easier.

Karla A.

The POS system allows us to scan retail products and process credit cards like we were the big guys! Training and support have been awesome! Kennel Connection was a great investment and one that will reap even bigger rewards as the business grows.
Running a boarding, grooming, or daycare business can be tough. However, having the right systems and processes for your pet care business can help you grow dramatically. Without those systems though things will run chaotically, be disorganized and highly inefficient. You don’t have time to run your business disorganized, you need it to be a finely tuned organization.
Kennel Connection
can help even the newest businesses get organized in a way that seems effortless and seamless to what they are already doing in their pet care business. It's like having an employee that never takes a day off, never gets sick, never calls in late and never retires or moves to another company. Once you've trained them they continue to produce results for you day after day and year after year and help you make money faster and more efficiently.

Your Typical Day with Kennel Connection

what's my investment?

How much time and revenue is disorganization costing you? How many clients don’t hear from you because you lack proper follow up? How many clients are you missing because your record keeping is slow and inefficient? What could you do with an extra 10-20 hours per week with the right software supporting you? A lack of organization and support could already be costing you a great deal


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$69 per month (1st year) or $399 one time
$30 per month for support



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$89 per month (1st year) or $599 one time
$30 per month for support



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$109 per month (1st year) or $799 one time
$30 per month for support