Google Email Usage Policy

If you use a Gmail account and allow it, this app will let you authenticate as Google to allow you to send email directly from Kennel Connection on behalf of your business, so that confirmation, user emails, reminders and so on can be sent the client as needed. To do this, we ask for “send” permission to send on your behalf through your Google account. No email will be ever be sent if it isn’t set to send in your software by you (all email sends are “opt-in” and on your behalf).  We do not and will never have access to any email data; all we do is send on your behalf when you request us to via settings or manual actions in your Kennel Connection business software. We don’t store any details from your Google account except what you choose to enter (your email address) and the authorization key to send on your behalf. This is securely stored in your local database. We don’t use this email for any purposes except to send emails on your behalf as you request.

Contact Information

To ask questions or comment about this policy and our privacy practices, contact us at:

or via our toll-free number:

(888) 486-4343