Tenerum Gateway Migration

Dear Kennel Connection Clients,

We are writing to you about an important matter regarding the performance of the Credit Card Processing gateway you are using, Tenerum. Please read through the message below and use the “click here” link to take action as soon as possible.

Over the past year plus, we have encountered persistent challenges due to the reliability of this current gateway. Despite our best efforts and bringing this to the top of Tenerum, we have been met only with empty promises and more frustrations impacting our customers. We genuinely appreciate your patience and cooperation during these stability issues and recognize the impact they have had on your operations.

After many empty promises for over a year and continued outages, our development team has spent the last several months completing a new integration into a more reliable, state-of-the-art credit card processing gateway. Many clients have already transitioned to this new gateway; however, you are receiving this as you are still using the unreliable Tenerum gateway.

Although this was a big undertaking for KC, we have made sure the transition will cause you zero headaches to implement. There are no additional gateway charges to switch to the more reliable and feature-rich solution we have developed. We have made the transition not only easy, but the new solution offers many extra benefits for all!
    • The sleek new credit card hardware devices you will use are state of the art, extremely user-friendly and create a modern and professional checkout experience.
    • New features allow you the ability to pass the credit card processing fees to your clients if you choose to, essentially giving you free processing.
    • The new hardware provides you with the ability to offer preset tip percentages and custom tip amounts, making it easier than ever to capture well-deserved tips.
    • The new integration comes with a free virtual terminal that can be used from any device, any time to process payments, returns, void’s and more outside of the KC software.
    • Most importantly, our new integration has had ZERO downtime!

Due to the unresolved issues with Tenerum’s solution, we will soon stop supporting the Tenerum gateway and will be transitioning all clients away. To get a head start on this process, please click below and our support team will guide you through the next steps to migrate to the latest and greatest we have to offer – headache free.

We are genuinely excited about these enhancements and the opportunities they bring to your business. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation remains steadfast, and we are dedicated to providing you with a cutting-edge solution that exceeds expectations. We thank you for your continued support and trust in our software,

The Kennel Connection Team