Support Policies

Support Plans

The yearly support plan is $349. We also offer a monthly support payment plan of $30/month over a 12 month contract period. This gets you access to a live support representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Some restrictions apply. Please see the Notices section below.
Please Note: If you are currently signed up for a Standard, Pro, or Platinum subscription, support is included in your monthly fees.

Per Incident

No charge for support for current service releases during the current support plan period.
$199 per incident during regular business hours for all users with an expired support plan. Fee must be paid before service is provided.
A single incident is defined as a single issue or related set of issues. Phone time is limited to this issue or related set of issues.


Live Support: Monday thru Friday 8AM-5PM EST, excluding holidays. After-hours emergency support is available nights, weekends, and US holidays per the guidelines below.
Locations: Phone support is offered world-wide.

After-Hours Support Policy

After-hours support is available for emergencies only and must be submitted via the After Hours Support form in the Support Center. After Hours Support submissions will be reviewed by the on-call technician who will determine the nature of the issue and respond accordingly. Emergencies are defined as your product will not start on ANY computer, or you are unable to print on any computer. Please review the KnowledgeBase or User Manuals pages in the support center for further information about resolving a non-emergency issue.

Support submissions to our support team after-hours that are deemed to be not of an emergency nature will receive notice of such. Please contact the office during regular business hours. Please visit the KnowledgeBase or User Manuals pages of this support center for further information about resolving a non-emergency issue.

If your after-hours submission is in fact deemed an emergency, you will receive an e-mail response within an hour. If you are unable to resolve your issue from any suggestions the technician sends you, a phone call may be necessary.

If the technician cannot resolve the issue from the phone call, a remote session may be necessary and you may need to wait an extended period of time for a technician to get back to you from a computer to conduct the remote session.

Issue tickets received between the hours of 12 AM and 7 AM EST may not be returned until after 7 AM EST.

Support will not be provided if your support plan is not current. Payment for the after-hours emergency incident, or renewal of your yearly support plan, will be required prior to any service being rendered but must be paid during normal business hours. Any online support renewals will be processed on the next business day and you will not have support assistance until processing is complete.

New and replacement computer installation support is not considered an emergency. Installation assistance for new or replacement computers must be scheduled during normal business hours or may be available after hours for an additional fee.

Additional Notices

Support covers Software Connection LLC products only: Server, network, or computer issues such as but not limited to, Service Pack or Windows update installations, SQL Server software installation, terminal services configurations, remote desktop configurations, Cloud configurations, domain setup or any set up other than a physical computer located at the physical address on file with Software Connection LLC or a basic peer to peer computer network configuration are not supported and we will be unable to provide support on those issues. It is recommended that you contact your local computer repair representative for assistance. We are not responsible for issues caused by the environment that the customer or any representative of the customer chooses to use. Any issues that we are unable to reproduce in our testing environment may indicate an issue in the environment in which the software is currently installed at your location. This may require you or your computer repair representative to install our software on a clean, standalone machine to use to rule out or confirm environmental issues as being the cause of problems.

Product Support Plan covers phone and remote support only: In most cases we can log into your computer remotely and take care of many common issues for you. However, you must have high-speed internet access going to the affected computer. If you do not have Internet access at your shop and have no means of retrieving any files you may possibly need to correct your error, there will be a nominal charge for burning your files to a USB, and for shipping and handling.

​Product Support Plan covers your facility installation only: Your support plan only covers the SC product installation at your facility per the address we have on file and only covers our software installed on the computer that hosts your database and it must be physically located at that address. Home installations are not covered under the support plan. Service for home installations can be provided, but either for a fee or with a site license.

Training: Support plans do not cover training on the usage of our software. Training is defined as most things that are of a “how-to” nature. A free, one-time 30 minute training session is available upon purchase of our software products and you can check the training schedule online to sign up. The support center also has a Startup Guide available to download and review. SC has a training department which offers paid training options such as onsite training at your facility, one-on-one web based training, or group online training classes. Please contact the Training Department for more details and pricing.

Support products are non-refundable and non-transferrable: There are no refunds for any support plan. This includes the yearly support fees, the per-incident support fee, and any labor charges. Support fees paid and current cannot be transferred to any other business or location.

Database policy: Software Connection LLC is not responsible for, and will not be held responsible for, your database. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a backup of your database (nightly, on different media, is recommended), and that your backup media is functioning properly to store your backup. On the occasion that your database becomes corrupt, we have provided utilities to repair the database. In the off-chance that the database is too damaged to be repaired, you will need to restore from a backup. Your support plan does not warrant that Software Connection LLC will be able to recover your damaged database. While we will make every reasonable effort to recover a damaged database, there is no guarantee that it will be successful. Databases that require correction due to continuing corruption may be subject to a $199 per hour programming charge.

Computer networking policy: Software Connection LLC is not responsible for the physical networking of your computers. Prior to the product support team assisting you with networking your product, your network must already be completed and all computers communicating. If there is no communication between your computers, we will be unable to assist you in networking your product. We are unable to assist with setting up Remote Desktop or any other sort of connection between your physical locations. Assistance is not available for installations that are not completed per our product installation and networking guidelines.