Special Services

See why Kennel Connection is the perfect solution for all of your special services needs!


  • Organize & maintain special service schedules
  • Easily schedule special add-on services to bookings when making an appointment for other modules
  • Schedule recurring services


  • Assign employee commission amounts to each special service
  • Choose whether you want to pay commission as a flat rate, percentage, or not at all
  • Stay organized and informed with a variety of special service related reports


  • Assign warnings and notes to each pet's record regarding special services
  • Maintain a detailed history of completed services
  • Easily email a list of future appointments to a pet's owners

Does your business offer special activities or services? We've got you covered!

Kennel Connection’s special services module allows you to set up extra services for your customers, and assign them to your employees’ schedules! Whether it’s a hike, a dip in the pool, or just some extra cuddle time, Kennel Connection makes it easy to add and track add-on services!

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