Legacy Users FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to our Legacy Users

A Legacy User is anyone who purchased Kennel Connection prior to our change to a subscription based pricing model in August 2019.

If you are not interested in using our new features, it’s likely that you won’t notice any difference in your Kennel Connection use. As long as you have an active support plan you will continue to get bug fixes, minor updates, and assistance with support related issues, as usual. You can still purchase additional core modules, or upgrade to KC7 for a one time fee here.

We moved to a subscription-based model so that we, Kennel Connection, as a company can continue providing you with a great software for your business. So, we can keep our hard working and highly valuable team working day in and day out to build and maintain a better and more modern software that fits and grows with your business. Most software providers out there today have moved to a subscription-based pricing structure in order to maintain their own business and have the resources to continually provide new and great features and products. We are no different.

As a company strive to meet the needs of our client’s day in and day out. To try and provide a bigger and better, more modern and feature rich software to you. We’ve done this in the past without taking into consideration much of our own needs as a company. Now, as we look into the future together, we’ve realized that in order to continue to provide the KC software, new releases, and new features, as well as support and training assistance, we must re-address our own company needs. This is not raising prices, this is not making our legacy customers repurchase their software, and this is not meant to deter our current or new users from the great product we offer especially since most software providers out there are offering similar subscription-based plans. This is a move forward to maintain our name and our values in the ever changing software/technology world. This is so we can commit to you, our existing user base and any new users that we’re here to stay and we’ll continue with our heads down bringing you exciting new features and continue to be the industries leading software.

Effective January 1, 2020, all previous discounts offered to sign up or purchase Kennel Connection or any of its’ components have expired and will NOT be honored. All prices offered on our website will be honored at the time of purchase through the website. No sales or support agents have authority from management to offer discounts in order to offer clear pricing to our users.

Kennel Connection is releasing four new major features

Auto Update: This feature will be available to any KC7 user with an active support plan. The Auto Update feature does exactly what it says - automatically upgrade your KC7 version for bug fixes and minor updates. This means no more manually downloading new updates from the support center, or calling in to have our support staff update your system for you.

Live Access: With Live Access you will be able to quickly and easily access your essential Kennel Connection information from any device with internet and a web browser. Live Access features a modern, responsive design that looks good on any device, including smart phones! View your schedules, dashboard, select reports, and more. Easily check pets in and out, make or change appointments, and keep important customer information at your fingertips at all times. With Live Access, your database is still stored safely and securely on your desktop computer, and is still available to you in the event of an internet outage!

Client Portal: Client Portal allows your customers to log in to the portal from a web browser to view their pet information, view past/upcoming appointments, request appointments, and upload relevant documents.

Custom Report Editor: Customize reports to work best for your business needs. Change colors, fonts, and edit/move/delete fields.

Legacy Users will be able to utilize these new features a la carte for monthly fees, under the condition that the user has an active support plan. You must be updated to KC7 to use these features. You will not be required to purchase the Platinum package to use these features as listed on the website, but if you are interested in using all new features as they are released it may become more cost efficient to subscribe (The Platinum plan includes support, all updates, advanced feature releases, etc.).

Client Portal/Live Access: $50/month

Custom Report Editor: $20/month

At this point, the KC Executive team is not anticipating another major KC version release (think KC8, KC9, etc.). Our goal is to provide a software that is updated in perpetuity to ensure that all users are using an up to date and bug free version of the software. Any KC7 user with an active support plan will be able to enjoy minor updates, bug fixes, and the opportunity to use major feature releases (depending on subscription).

The Client Portal/Live Access features will be replacing OLR, OLRrt, and the PhoneApp. These old modules will be phased out in the future once the new features are rolled out and well established. All users of the OLR, OLRrt, and PhoneApp modules will be given ample notice before they are discontinued. Our team members will be available to help answer any questions you may have, and  to assist in your transition away from using these modules.

Live Access allows you to access your dashboard, schedules, customer information, and some reports from any device with an internet connection (phone, tablet, or computer). You can also check pets in/out, create or alter appointments, and update customer information. The Client Portal allows your customers to log in to the portal from a web browser to view their pet information, view past/upcoming appointments, request appointments, and upload relevant documents.These features will replace OLR, OLRrt, and the PhoneApp. These features are meant to be an extension of your KC desktop software that compliment and improve your user experience. It does not replace the desktop software. Your database will remain securely on your computer and can still be accessed in the event that your internet goes out.

Please submit any additional questions to the Legacy User form below

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns regarding the change in pricing structure, new features, your growing business needs, or any other related topic, please submit them below.

*Once you have moved to a monthly subscription plan, the account cannot be reverted back to legacy pricing.