The Evolution of Pet Care

It’s no secret that dogs have been our loyal companions for centuries, but you may be surprised to learn how far they’ve come. What started as wild wolves have evolved into domesticated pups that we can take everywhere: from the office to boarding and daycare facilities! The evolution of dogs as pets began centuries ago when humans began to domestic wild wolves, slowly turning them into the lovable creatures we know and love today.  Over time, various dog breeds have evolved from a single ancestor into distinct groups of animals with unique physical and behavioral traits. 

The evolution of breeds has been an ever-changing process as new mixes and combinations are developed and perfected across the globe. For example, the French Bulldog is a relatively new breed created from a mix of the toy English Bulldog and Parisian ratter terrier. 

So, what was the first-ever dog breed combination? Believe it or not, no one knows! The evolution of breeds has been a long and winding road, with many mixing and matching over time. But rest assured that whatever combination your pup may be, you can enjoy them for years to comeā€”just like our ancestors once did. 

The first boarding and daycare facility for dogs opened in the 1960s – – giving pet owners an alternative to leaving their beloved pooches alone at home. Not only did this give pet owners peace of mind, but it offered social benefits to their furry friends as well. Today, many boarding and daycare facilities offer a wide range of services for our loving pets, and we’ve come a long way in 60 years.   Initially, facilities used pen and paper to organize scheduling and keep track of their customers. This expanded into software management systems that make it easier for pet owners to book appointments, find records, and manage customer databases.  New software management has made it easier for these facilities to manage customer information, groom schedules, and more.

The evolution of our four-legged friends has been incredible over the centuries – from wild wolves to our beloved pets. Let’s take a moment today to appreciate how far our four-legged friends have come – evolutionarily speaking – and all that they bring us. From loyal companionship to opportunities for socialization, dogs are truly one of a kind.