Kennel Connection Merges with PawLoyalty

Niche FinTech Leader Announces Another Strategic Acquisition

Software Connection, LLC, (DBA Kennel Connection) and PawLoyalty, two of the leading software companies in the pet care industry have merged in a strategic transaction to take effect 2/1/2023.

After over 25 years of being a dominant force for boarding, grooming, daycare, training, retail, and more -Kennel Connection has massively overhauled its software offerings in the last 3 years, which has seen company growth of 300%.

PawLoyalty has focused on being the leading cloud-based software for Boarding, Daycare, Training, and Grooming facilities over the past 13 years.  With full digital charting, actionable reporting, integrated marketing automation, and continued education; PawLoyalty has driven bottom-line profits for its clients.  After several months of evaluating synergies between their two companies, PawLoyalty has decided that by joining the Kennel Connection team they will have the largest impact on delivering amazing pet care experiences for clients on all platforms under the Software Connection and 100GROUP umbrella. 

Through Software Connection LLC, their clients will now have access to all the various technology features and functions offered by Kennel Connection, Hello-Groom, and PawLoyalty all under one roof, with added value from the C-suite executives at the parent company,100GROUP.

This merger unifies an industry that has started to become fragmented by Private Equity firms coming into their space and trying to disrupt the good ole friendly, client first, and customer service first philosophy-which pet care business owners deserve. 

By forgoing the traditional Private Equity route and having two honest & ethical privately owned businesses coming together as one, they will ensure that the software offerings to the industry remain strong and are delivered with true love and passion for what they do.

“I could not think of a better person to partner with on this exciting venture than PawLoyalty and Garret Tadlock, Founder & CEO of PawLoyalty. Garrett’s deep-rooted understanding of what business owners need, and his passion for such are unmatched. Adding what they have built over the last 13 years and expanding upon it to be the single market leader, is truly awesome!” says Jeff Brodsly, CEO of Kennel Connection, Hello-Groom & 100GROUP”.

“I could not be more excited to partner with Jeff and the Software Connection team to expand the value we can provide to the entire pet care industry.  With the focus they have put on technology innovation over the past 3 years and the new ideas we are going to execute together, we expect a tremendous value to all our current and future customers” says Garret Tadlock, Founder & CEO of PawLoyalty.

The future is very bright for their combined users and anyone who wants to do business with the best technology, the best people, and the sincerest company in the pet care space.

If you are an existing Kennel Connection or Hello-Groom user, do not be alarmed, this is GREAT NEWS! There will be no direct impact to your business and the only change will be that you will soon have access to even more features and functions as we grow the various brands together. 

Please note that we will be rebranding our logo on communications that you receive, as well as an update to our email addresses which will now reference Software Connection, as opposed to just Kennel Connection. The new email address you can expect to receive future communications from will be Additionally, you will see Software Connection as opposed to Kennel Connection as a reference on your billing statements from us. 

If you have any questions about this exciting news, please email us at, or give us a call at the same number you are accustomed to calling 888-486-4343. We thank you for the 25+ years of support, and we hope that you are as excited about this announcement as we are! Here we grow together!

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