Kennel Connection Launches Hello-Groom

Kennel Connection, the leading Software for the Pet Care Industry for the past 25 years, launched Hello-Groom (HG) at the Groom Expo West in Pasadena, CA on Friday, February 18th. 

After decades of providing best-in-class business management software for various aspects of the pet care industry, Kennel Connection (KC) has developed a software package specifically for the pet grooming business. Hello-Groom was designed by the groomers, for the groomers. Through its years of industry knowledge, and massive worldwide distribution, Kennel Connection saw the great need for a “Groomer-in-a-box” solution.

Hello-Grooms flagship offering is the business management software platform that offers online reservations, Omnichannel payment acceptance, schedule management, accounting, two-way text messaging, and much more. Along with providing intuitive software to manage a groomer’s business, Hello-Groom also sets their clients up with business insurance, credit card acceptance, business phones, access to a marketplace full of product discounts all groomers need to operate their business, and more.

“We realized that the evolving grooming industry is an absolute art. As such, a lot of grooming business owners are more on the artsy side, and less on the business operations side, which is totally ok, as I am the farthest from artistic one can find!” says Jeff Brodsly CEO of Hello-Groom by Kennel Connection. “Therefore, HG gives these extremely talented business owners the ability to focus on what they do best, and allow us to provide them the tools they need to operate their business at ease,” says Brodsly.

Kennel Connection has thousands of pet boarding, grooming, daycare, pet sitting, and pet training customers across the country. Being the original pioneer in software for these businesses, they are once again paving the way for pet groomers to operate their business more efficiently. Kennel Connection is a subsidiary of 100GROUP, which is a business concierge platform that focuses on technology to make running a business more efficient. Leveraging 100GROUP’s business concierge platform has enabled KC and HG to hit the ground running with their newest offering.

Brodsly, who is the sole owner of 100GROUP (and all the companies which are a part of the platform-KC and HG included), credits his team for merging their deep-rooted history within the pet care industry into solving a very specific need for groomers. “The KC staff are so involved in the day-to-day with our clients that they were extremely passionate in helping bring this product to life,” he says. “Having a veteran team which not only truly cares about our clients, but also many who come from the pet care industry themselves is truly a blessing.”

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