Boost Your Business With Integrated Text Messaging

Pets have become an integral part of many families across the globe. For instance, in the U.S, it’s estimated that we have 86.4 million homes with a pet. The pet industry has grown over the years and specialists working in the pet care industry have also adopted new methods of doing business and connecting with their clients. In the business world, customers’ communication technology trends have continued to evolve. Today, almost every pet owner has a mobile phone, making SMS communication (text messaging) the fastest and most efficient mode of communication.

As a result, many players in the pet care industries such as pet groomers, veterinaries, dog daycare, kennels, and pet products suppliers are now adopting the SMS text messaging marketing strategy to better serve pet owners and remain competitive. If you are in the pet care business and have been struggling to seamlessly communicate with your clients, the following are some of the ways in which SMS text messaging can help you easily connect with pet owners.

1. SMS text messaging is straightforward

Pet owners prefer communication that is more direct and straight to the point. Many businesses use lengthy emails, flyers, and other digital materials to reach out and persuade potential clients. These methods often fall short in making a meaningful impact and tend to be overlooked as junk mail due to their lengthy, promotional content. When you send a short and precise SMS, it goes directly to your subscribers and they can digest your business message within a few seconds.

2. Higher response rate

Unlike emails and phone calls which are known to be more disruptive to pet owners, SMS text messaging commands a higher response rate since they can pass the intended message in a summarized version. When pet owners are able to fully understand what you are talking about immediately upon receiving your SMS text message, they are more likely to respond quickly and positively. 

3. Higher conversion rate

SMS text messaging is less invasive and pet owners will be motivated to not only read your message but to also respond. With Kennel Connection’s integrated SMS you can set a variety of custom messages, including automated out-of-office responses for messages received outside your regular business hours. Simplify communication even further by reminding customers that they can request appointments online on their own (if you’re taking advantage of Kennel Connection’s Client Portal feature for online reservations).

4. More flexibility and time savings

With automated appointment reminders, thank you messages, and booking confirmations you can be sure that your customers are receiving important information without having to lift a finger. Since text messages are short and straight to the point, your clients will be flexible to read and respond to you while doing other chores. Text messaging offers more flexibility than a traditional phone call because they allow customers to respond quickly and in situations where they may not be able to talk on the phone.

5. Higher convenience and clients’ satisfaction

Pet care businesses that rely heavily on phone calls and emails to reach out to their clients end up with low conversion rates. Many pet owners are usually busy with their daily routine, and they can rarely find time to answer your calls and read your emails. That’s why many prefer communications that are short and precise like SMS text messaging. Also, about 68% of all millennials prefer text messaging to responding to a phone call or email. Therefore, SMS text messaging is the best marketing strategy that your pet care business can employ to generate leads and create conversions. Save additional time and work more efficiently by giving your customers a platform to respond whenever works best for their schedule, eliminating back and forth missed calls and voicemails.

6. Give your customers peace of mind with quick, easy communication

With integrated 2-way SMS text messaging, it’s easy to stay in contact with your customers. Cut time playing phone tag or making calls for simple updates that could be sent out via text. Show your customers that you care by sending quick updates or pictures of their pets while they’re away. Your text conversations with customers are saved making it easy to reference in the future, all without having to exit your software!


SMS text messaging is transforming communication in the pet care industry. Businesses and professionals in the pet care industry are leveraging the power of SMS text messaging to build a strong relationship with pet owners. 

Whether it’s sending appointment confirmations, grooming completion notices, or a cute picture of their pet, all this has been simplified by SMS text messaging. If your pet care business does not use any SMS software, get in touch with us for a reliable and cost-effective SMS text messaging solution

Ready to boost your business with integrated SMS?