Kennel Connection is the most feature-rich pet care facility management software on the market today, built based on the suggestions of our users. If you would like the software to do something particular to the way that you run your business, request it for a future update!

If it doesn't do it, you haven't requested it yet!

Available Modules:

In addition to the module(s) of your choice, you get unlimited client and pet record keeping, full scheduling capabilities, inventory & vendors tracking, employee management (includes timesheets and commission), point of sale, invoices, receipts, reports, and free networking of the product on an unlimited number of computers in your facility.

Look below to see some of the features that are included with Kennel Connection subscriptions!

  • Work without internet connection
  • Secure data storage
  • Hundreds of detailed management reports
  • Support for built in cash drawer, receipt printer, bar code scanner, PetDetect, self-serve touch screen check-in, & more!
  • Reduce paperwork by scanning & storing documents digitally
  • Supports multiple location management (with Platinum subscription)
  • Up-to-the-minute statistics on your facilities occupancy and revenue flow all in one place
  • Visualize information with dials, graphs, and charts
  • Keep track of pets checking in/out, not yet picked up, and no shows
  • View number of pets scheduled and in house for all modules
  • Total bookings for a day, week, month, or year
  • Compare the total invoiced revenue for each module
Client Management
  • Unlimited number of clients and pet records!
  • Create custom contracts for each module and store them in each client’s record
  • Keep track of personal information, emergency contacts, and veterinarian information
  • Add photos & scanned documents to client/pet records
  • Keep track of client referral sources
  • Store client credit card information with integrated credit card processing in house with Kennel Connection
  • Search by client name, pet name, phone number, address, and more
  • Create custom client contracts for each module
  • Keep track of medications, feeding, & exercise schedules
  • Customize on screen pet & owner warnings for each module
  • Add round trip mileage for clients that require you to travel to their location
  • Print travel cards with client address, phone number, directions, gate codes, and parking restrictions
Scheduling, Appointments, & Calendar
  • Easily track cancellations & no shows
  • Calendar for each module with month, week, and day views
  • Customer waitlist
  • Schedule or cancel appointments for multiple pets with the same owner at once
  • Set special pricing rates by day of the week & holiday rates
  • Prevent overbooking with maximum daily limits for each module, or employee
  • Color coded appointments
  • Prompt for contract upon check-in
  • Show belongings list at check-out so nothing is ever forgotten!
Live Access
  • Fast, modern web interface accessible from anywhere linked directly to your Kennel Connection desktop software/database!
  • Works on desktop browser, phone’s and tablets seamlessly
  • Runs off of your local database without installing a web server or any tricky configuration
  • Everything is synced in real time with your desktop Kennel Connection software
  • Take KC home, on the road if you’re mobile or simply have the freedom to move around your shop by accessing your database in real time from any tablet or phone
  • Nothing is needed except for an Internet connection!
  • Currently available for the boarding, daycare, and grooming modules
Client Portal (Online Reservations)
  • Provides your customers the ability to register, view schedules (if you choose) and book online! (With or without pre-approval – you choose)
  • Customers can now see pet and appointment info including pet reports!
  • Fast, modern web interface
  • Works on desktop browser, phone’s and tablets seamlessly
  • Everything is synced in real time with your desktop Kennel Connection software
  • Currently available for the boarding, daycare, and grooming modules
  • Text appointment confirmations & reminders
  • Send mass emails & texts or to specific clients
  • Send automated emails
  • Create custom email templates
  • Email reminders for appointments, packages, & expiring vaccinations
  • Email estimates & invoices
  • Email appointment & wait list confirmations
  • Email appointment cancellation notices
  • Email notice when pet grooming is completed
  • Send emails based on client zipcode/city, membership, breed, module, check-in status, or scheduled service
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Free training videos
  • Remote & web-based training
  • Remote installation
  • Onsite training at your facility available
  • Mentoring program
  • Extensive documentation
Employee Management
  • Manage employee schedules
  • Protect business information by individualizing access & security levels for each employee
  • Monitor and alter time clock punches
  • Email schedules to employees
  • Designate employee types & job capabilities
  • Choose employee pay method: hourly, salary, flat rate, or commission
  • Customize commission rates based on employee, product, or service
  • Commission reports
  • Send emails to all clients who have pets scheduled with a selected employee (especially helpful for when an employee is out for illness or any other unforeseen conflict!)
Retail Management
  • Maintain inventory and vendor list
  • Create purchase orders for vendors
  • Organize products by category
  • Low inventory on hand notifications
  • Print item barcodes
  • Assign commission rates to specific inventory items
  • Assign specified retail price or automatically calculate price based on your cost & designated markup percentage
  • Keep track of expiring inventory items
  • View inventory vs retail cost reports
  • View inventory sold reports
Discounts & Loyalty
  • Highly customizable customer discount options
  • New client discount
  • Long term boarding stays discount options
  • Offer a discount or free service after a selected number of visits or days by module
  • Offer a point based customer loyalty program with tiered membership levels
  • Assign discounts to specific customers as needed
  • Fully supports gift card sales/purchases
  • Year over year comparison results
  • Projected income reports
  • Client account summaries
  • Reporting for deposits, invoice discounts, unpaid invoices, tips, and MUCH more
  • Choose what information, photos, & charges to display on invoices
  • Accept deposits & prepayments
  • Set mandatory deposits for specific services or an individual client by module
  • Track prepayments, customer balances, & credits
  • Track & apply fees for bounced checks
  • Add pick-up and drop-off fees
  • Credit Card Processing – Learn more here
  • PetDetect Printer
  • QuickBooks
  • Touch Screen Capabilities
  • Multi-Location Management Capabilities
  • Hardware
  • *Some integrations may not be available at all subscription levels and/or may require the purchase of additional hardware*

Coming Soon!

Custom Report Editor
  • Edit various key reports in Kennel Connection using an easy-to-use visual editor
  • Ability to move items around, change colors, fonts, add logs (for client facing reports), delete information you don’t need and add new data
  • Full control and can completely change a report to exactly how it best works for you

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