After-Hours Emergency Support

Welcome to the Kennel Connection Software After-Hours Emergency Support page. This form is to only be used after our normal customer support business hours. Any form submissions during business hours, will not be viewed. Our business hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST. Excluding holidays.

To contact support during business hours please either click the “Contact Support” icon on the bottom left of our website and submit the form there, send an email to create a ticket or give us a call at 888-486-4343 to speak to an agent.

Please note that after-hours support is only available for the following issues, and you must attempt the troubleshooting steps prior to submitting this form:

  1. Your Kennel Connection desktop software does not start/open on all computers. (If your workstations are not connecting but you can use Kennel Connection on the host computer, please contact us on the next business day.) You must attempt all troubleshooting steps listed in this article before submitting this form:
    (Kennel Connection Won’t Open Troubleshooting Guide)
  2. You cannot print reports from Kennel Connection on all computers. (If your workstations cannot print but you can print from the host computer, please contact us on the next business day.) You must attempt all troubleshooting steps listed in this article before submitting this form:
    (Kennel Connection Won’t Print Troubleshooting Guide)
  3. Your Online Reservation system is down AND you have completed all troubleshooting steps listed here:
    (Live Access & OLR Troubleshooting Steps)
  4. Your Online Reservation system is running and accessible, but you have confirmed that all online reservations are failing with an error or you’re unable to approve any reservations due to an error. If this is the case, please click HERE to submit the issue. Do not use the form below
  5. You are using the integrated credit card processing and you cannot process ANY credit cards from ANY machine or terminal, and you have completed all troubleshooting in this article: (Credit Card Processing Troubleshooting Steps) 


If your issue meets the above criteria and you have gone through each troubleshooting step, please submit the form below. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible including any and all error messages. 

Please note the following important information before submitting this form: 

  • The person submitting the below form must enter an email address that they have access to the inbox as reply emails/suggestions will be sent back.
  • Submissions to our support team after-hours that are deemed to be not of an emergency nature will receive notice of such and you’ll be advised to contact the office during regular business hours. Please visit the Knowledgebase for further information about resolving a non-emergency issue.
  • Your issue description must contain detailed information about what is happening including any error messages displayed. Failure to provide a detailed description may result in a call back on the next business day. 
  • If your after-hours submission is in fact deemed an emergency, you will receive an e-mail response within an hour. If you are unable to resolve your issue from any suggestions the technician sends you, a phone call may be necessary.
  • If the technician cannot resolve the issue from the phone call, a remote session may be necessary, and you may need to wait an extended period of time for a technician to get back to you from a computer to conduct the remote session.
  • Issue tickets received between the hours of 12 AM and 7 AM EST may not be returned until after 7 AM EST.
  • Support will not be provided if your support plan is not current. Failure to have an active subscription will result in no available after-hours support. You must wait until the next business day and contact sales to get on a new software subscription before receiving any support. 
  • *New and replacement computer installation support is not considered an emergency. Installation assistance for new or replacement computers must be scheduled during normal business hours or may be available after hours for an additional fee with a scheduled appointment. 

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