September 29, 2016

Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Us?

The Blue Crystal Software Differencewhy buy from us?

You have a myriad of choices, overwhelming at best, when selecting your pet care management software product. The following will help you in the decision-making process.

For over 25 years, Blue Crystal Software Corporation has developed some of the top-selling, business-specific software in the country. Kennel Connection is quite simply the most affordable, feature-rich product on the market. Custom designed for the pet care industry, it is backed by a full team of sales representatives, support personnel and developers.

Try It Before You Buy

Before you buy, try our free, no-obligation demo to compare our set of features to what you’re getting from the competition. You will find that everything in the Kennel Connection demo works as described. The demo is the full working product, without ANY limitation on usage for a full 30 days. Kennel Connection is the most feature-rich product available for the money. Packed with hundreds of features with more added on a daily basis by our team of programmers, you can rest assured that your software will continue to outperform and outsell ANY of the competition.

They may say they are giving you free updates with no support charge, but be sure to read the fine print before you buy. Some products will even stop working if you don’t renew your support plan! Kennel Connection gives it all, from tons of features for an affordable price (less than theirs!) to an incredible support solution that will allow you to run your business and leave the software side to us! Remember: If it doesn’t work in their demo, it isn’t going to work in the version you purchase, regardless of their promises.


If you have a competing product such as K9 Bytes, KennelSoft, Plane’s KennelSuite, PawTracker, KennelLink, 123Pets or any other, you can save hundreds by upgrading to Kennel Connection! And let us transfer your client and pet information for you for free with purchase!

No Need To Have a Full-Time Internet Connection!

Once you purchase Kennel Connection, you own the program and your database. It is not stored on some provider’s server for all to see, and if their service goes down, you’re completely cut off from your data! And, with Kennel Connection, there are never any monthly fees!

NO! We do not need to personally show you our demo! (Unless you want us to!)

Our no-obligation demo is freely downloaded by you and installed on your computer at your leisure. It is simple to set up, and simple to start using immediately. Just download, install, and enjoy! If they don’t let you play with their software in the privacy of your home or office on your own, buyer beware.

24/7 Technical Support

Instant support when you need it! Your calls and emails to Technical Support are answered personally by “real” people in our Nazareth, PA headquarters, usually within minutes, not hours or days. Trouble after-hours, on a weekend or a holiday? Blue Crystal Software support gives you the ability to submit support issues 24/7. In the decision process, look carefully at limitations on support – some companies support you live during business hours only, or only for the first 60 or 90 days, and then only a certain number of hours per week – and will charge you by the minute, the call, or several thousand dollars for full telephone support. Test our support, and theirs, during your demo period. If you can’t get support when you need it, especially during your demo period, how can you expect support to be there for you when you finally purchase? You will see the Blue Crystal difference immediately. From the time you download the demo or install from CD, you have access to full support by e-mail or telephone. With your purchase, you are given one full year of support with no limits and no extra charges.


You’ll be pleased to know that our Training Division is available to guide you in the setup of your software. Onsite training is available on request and group training is held regularly in cities near you at reasonable cost. You can also request remote support over the Internet.


Multiple computers at the same business location? We help you configure Kennel Connection on each workstation to communicate with your server or main computer. Some companies charge extra for each computer on your network. Not so with Blue Crystal! You are unlimited in the number of computers you can network in one location.

Multiple Locations Module

The Available Multiple Locations Module allows all of your locations to share data, utilizing a Virtual Private Network across the Internet or a Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

Kennel Connection is…

A Complete Customer Filing System

Each of your customers and their pets will have an information card stored in your computer. The information on this card is all you will need to know about the owner and his pet, such as shot records and customer payment history, a pet’s likes and dislikes, and on-screen warnings about both! When the customer calls, you can instantly retrieve the pet’s information, schedule appointments from their ‘card,’ for that ‘personal touch.’ The pet’s appointments are completely cross-referenced and displayed right on the main screen!

You’ll soon wonder where all of the free time came from…

The Kennel Connection calendar displays one month at a time, with the exact number of runs and appointments booked for each day during that month! No more guessing whether or not your groomers have any appointments open, or if you can fit a pet in for the weekend! A simple double-click on any day will show you, in detail, who is coming and going, and who is going to be groomed, at what time, and by whom! Each schedule can be printed for convenient posting on the wall. Blocks of days are just as conveniently marked so you can show vacation time, holidays, etc. for the business and for all of your groomers!

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Here are some reviews of our software!


Wouldn't Use Anything Else  

We have Kennel Connection operating in our two Pet Motels and our Drop Off Centre and I wouldn't use anything else. We are hoping to get a licence in the near future for our local rescue association so their lives can be easier, too.

Chris    Queensland, Australia   
Very Satisfied  

I am very satisfied with Kennel Connection and rely on the program for my business to run smoothly. You are the best!

Linda W    Bend, OR   
Always in Control with KC  

A busy grooming shop, a member of Groom Team USA and an active breeder/handler of Poodles, Kerry Blue Terriers and Bichon's keeps me extremely busy. Kennel Connection allows me to stay in control of my schedule and the employee's that groom with me. I keep organized with all of our Client and Pet information kept at my fingertips. I can log pictures pets for before and after's, scan in important documents and give them back to clients, and track all vaccines. I even leave notes and messages for the next time the pet comes in. Thanks to Kennel connection, I know that our shop continues to run effectively and efficiently even when I'm not there.

Cheryl Purcell, NCMG, Groom Team USA    Hanover, MA   
Great Program!  

Hey! I gave you guys a hard time about your software. I recently quit using it and purchased another very popular program. Well I just wanted to say I am back with your program and it is a very good program. It has its little quirks and doesn't always do what I want, but it is very easy to use and I apologize for the trouble I gave you guys in support and will continue to use Kennel Connection. Thanks!

Mike T    Chichasha, OK   
Clear & Straight Forward  

I have been a fan of Kennel Connection since I started in the business 9 years ago. I have only had 1 issue over the past several months and it was quickly and helpfully answered so much so I do not remember the topic. The simple fact is it is easy to use, clear and straight forward. The reports and kennel cards are easy to comprehend. I like the program and will continue the use of it.

Virginia K    Centerville, MD   
Great Software & Down to Earth with Customers  

I want people to know how great you guys have been. Not only is the software great, but dealing with a company where everyone knows what the other is doing and what they’re on is awesome. I love the software and how down to earth you are with your customers!

Nicole P.    Lake City, SC   
Thank You Kennel Connection!  

When planning the new salon, my goal was to create an upscale professional environment that would make an outstanding first impression when pet-parents walk through the door. Kennel Connection software helps us to meet that goal everyday! The KC software is robust and comprehensive. We continue to realize new ways in which the program helps us to streamline and organize mundane tasks. Client check-in and check-out is fast, easy, and professional. The POS system allows us to scan retail products and process credit cards like we were the big guys! Training and support have been awesome! Kennel Connection was a great investment and one that will reap even bigger rewards as the business grows. Thank You Kennel Connection!

Karla Addington-Smith, CMG    Grooming industry judge, Author and Speaker. Editor, Pet Boutique & Spa Magazine   
Love it!  

I absolutely love my Kennel Connection from day one!

Lee    Dickson, TN   
Amazing Support Team  

Even though we’ve owned the Kennel Connection software since December, I’m just beginning to understand what an amazing support team we got when we decided to purchase this program for our kennel operation. Also, everyone at Payment Connection has been great. I know you might argue that it’s your job, but everyone has had such a super positive attitude and I really appreciate that!

Karen S    Aberdeen, NC   
KC is One of The Most Valuable Members of Our Team  

Kennel Connection is like having an employee but better: It doesn't take breaks, it keeps me organized, it always shows up on time and it makes me money. Come to think of it, it is one of the most valuable members of our team. We are a grooming shop offering boarding, daycare and pet supplies. In our shop it is very important that we stay in constant contact with our clients. We send confirmations, thank you's, reminders and general information through our program. It keeps our retail store in order and lets me know when and what are selling and where our money is best spent on retail supplies. We are able to track all of our clients purchases and download it right into Quickbooks for us. Time is money and Kennel Connection keeps me out of the office and with the dogs, where I love to be!

Annie Brown    Whitman, MA   
Very Well Thought out  

Of all the kennel software we looked at Kennel Connection stood out as being the most well thought out. As a full service dog care center LA Dogworks needed a multi level program to handle boarding, daycare, grooming, training as well as retail inventory and Kennel Connection fix our needs. With constant updates and good Customer Support, Kennel Connection is the the first choice for the truly professionally run dog care facility. Kennel Connection makes it all just a little easier.

Andrew Rosenthal    Los Angeles, CA   
Runs the Business  

KC has been our business lifeline for years. We spent many, many years with paper and pen until we found Kennel Connection and we've been with them since. It's one of the only companies left that you can call for help and actually have a human answer the phone. We love it and will continue to highly recommend it!

Charles C.    Massachusetts   

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