September 29, 2016


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to many of the common questions frequently asked of our support team. If your question isn’t listed then please contact for a prompt response. Click on any question to show/hide answer.

Can I get a user’s guide?

Sure can! Please login to the support center for both KC6 and KC7 user guides.

What are your system requirements to run Kennel Connection?

The system requirements for Kennel Connection can be found on our Features page.



Is there a limit to how many clients and pets I can put in the demo?

There is no limit on how many clients and pets you can load into the demo of Kennel Connection. Both the standard and lite versions of the demo (and purchased program) allow unlimited clients and pets, all of which will remain in the database should you decide to purchase the software. If you choose to purchase an Ultralite version of the program, you will have a client limit based on the version you choose. Ultralite allows up to 99 clients and Ultralite Max allows for up to 250.



I am using someone else’s program and want to switch to yours but I don’t want to lose my client list. What can I do?

Once you purchase our software, technical support team will walk you through getting your data to us. As part of your purchase, you get a free data conversion. We will transfer your client and pet records at no charge. Please note: We only transfer client and pet data for free. There may be a charge for converting schedule and inventory data.



Do you need to log into my computer to give me a demo of your software?

No. We do not need to personally show you our demo. Unless, of course, you want us to! Our no-obligation demo is freely downloaded by you and installed on your computer at your leisure. It is simple to set up, and simple to start using immediately. Just download, install, and enjoy! If they don’t let you play with their software in the privacy of your home or office on your own, buyer beware.



If I purchase your software and am happy with it and never use support, will the software stop working if I don’t renew my support plan?

NO! Your software DOES NOT stop working as soon as your support plan expires! With Kennel Connection, it is not required that you renew your support agreement every year. And if you choose not to, your software will continue to do what you paid for.



Is Kennel Connection installed on my computer or is it web-based?

Kennel Connection is not web-based, and is installed on your computer. We do not require Internet access to run our software. We do offer a cloud version of our software which can be found at HERE.



What are your support hours?

We have live phone coverage from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. After-hours support is available for emergencies through our email system.



What percentage rate does your credit card processing feature charge?

The credit card processing discount rate is variable through our processing partner, Chosen Payments. To inquire about that rate, please give Chosen Payments a call at (888) 486-4343, ext. 304.



How does the QuickBooks DirectLink feature work?

With our QuickBooks DirectLink feature, Kennel Connection will automatically transfer client, inventory, vendor, invoice, and receipt information to your copy of QuickBooks, eliminating the need for double entry.



Can I run Kennel Connection on more than one computer and if so, will it cost extra?

Run our software on as many computers as you want within your facility… from one to 100, or more! There is never an additional charge for sharing the database amongst all of the networked computers in your facility.

Click here for KC6 networking instructions.

Click here for KC7 networking instructions.



How do I share the database between several computers on my network?

Click here for Kennel Connection 6.0 networking instructions.

Click here for Kennel Connection 7.0 networking instructions.



What type of training do you offer?

We have several different product training options available. Click here to view them.



How can I join a remote support session?

Simply click here. Download and run the BCS Remote Support file. Provide the ID # to your Blue Crystal Software support representative.



How do I get to the online product support center?

Clients can log into the online BCS Product Support Center by clicking here.



Do you have a KnowledgeBase with support and training articles?

Sure do. Click here to get to our online knowledgebase.


If you did not find the answer to your question in our FAQ list or by visiting our KnowledgeBase from the link above, you may submit a support ticket or contact us toll free at (888)486-4343. Please remember we also have many training videos online here: Training Videos and support videos inside our Support Center.


Remote Support

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