January 10, 2017


Kennel Connection Multi-Location Module


What is the Multiple Locations module?

The Multiple Locations module for Kennel Connection allows data sharing across all of your locations. It allows all of your locations to use the same database but keep the information separate, or separate databases at each location that are then linked together through SQL replication, with the ability to share information across the locations. It allows for special location permissions to be assigned on a per user basis which can allow or disallow users to see and access certain locations data. The Multi-Loc module offers the ability to pull reports fro each individual location, view other locations schedules, clients/pets and much more. This is not a web-based application. It is your current version of Kennel Connection, utilizing your existing high-speed Internet connection for data sharing between locations.

**Please note that the Multi-Location module is not currently available for KC 7.0 but is coming soon!

Multi-Location Documents

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