February 21, 2017




Welcome to Kennel Connection in the cloud!

KC-Cloud is a product of Blue Crystal Software Corporation, taking our desktop application, Kennel Connection and making it available in the cloud. Kennel Connection is the world’s leading pet care facility desktop management software with more than 5000 copies installed worldwide. Now, whether you’re in the shop, on the road or from the comfort of your own home, always have access to your full Kennel Connection software from any device. (Internet connection required)

 There are some differences and limitations when using KC-Cloud and those are all listed here (KC-Cloud Limitations & Hardware Capabilities). Please be sure to click and read through the limitations before signing up. If you are familiar with the desktop software, you will be using the same software, just online instead of installed on your own computer. You no longer have to worry about backups and updates, we handle all that for you!


DEMO:If you’re interested in demoing the KC-Cloud, please click the demo button below. (Free 5 day demo available. No CC required)

Signup:If you would like to skip the demo and signup for KC-Cloud, please click the signup button below. (Setup fee and monthly payments required)

KC-Cloud pricing: 

Setup Fee: One-time fee of $300.00. This fee includes your cloud account setup, database conversions & cloud migration.

Monthly Fee: $80.00 per month for one location. This includes all modules – Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, Training, Pet sitting & Special Services and allows you 4 concurrent connections to the system at once. (Please contact us if you think you may need more than 4 concurrent connections)




Remote Support

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