September 29, 2016


If it doesn’t do it, you haven’t requested it yet!

Kennel Connection is the most feature-rich pet care facility management software product on the market today, built based on the suggestions of our users. If you would like the software to do something particular to the way you run your business, request it for a future update!

Click HERE to see the list of over 200 new features in Kennel Connection 7.0!

And YES! Kennel Connection 7.0 is Windows 8 & 10 compatible!


Recommended Minimum Hardware*

  • 2 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent/better
  • 4 GB memory
  • 10 GB free on hard disk

* While these are minimum specifications to run Kennel Connection, please keep in mind that your operating system has its own minimum requirements and you should be sure to have sufficient hard drive space, free memory and a processor fast enough to handle that and any other installed and running applications as well. 

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic, Starter, Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise, both 32 and 64 bit versions!
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 & 2016.
  • Mac OS X* (Cannot be installed directly. Must use one of the suggested methods below to run Windows)

*SQL Server Note: While KC7 can function on SQL 2008R2 or higher, only version 2012 and above are supported.

* To use Kennel Connection on a Mac:


  • Buy just what you need, and nothing that you don’t!
    Choose from Boarding, Grooming, Mobile Grooming, Daycare, Training, Pet sitting and Special Services. Take ’em all or just mix and match what you need! Each module is specific to your needs!
  • No full-time Internet connection needed!
    Simply install it on your computer!
  • Free networking on multiple computers!
    Install and run Kennel Connection on an unlimited number of computers in your facility, all sharing the same
  • Free full year of updates and support with purchase!
    Kennel Connection will keep working even if you don’t want/need to renew your support!
  • Full team of sales people, support reps, and developers supporting you and your product!
  • Toll-free technical support with live coverage!
  • Free client and pet record data conversion from existing product!


  • Click here to to see the list of over 200 new features in Kennel Connection 7!
  • Complete owner and pet history on separate cards for both, which include pet’s photo right on their card, with the photo printing on both the invoice and the run card. There is no limit on the number of clients and pets you can have in Kennel Connection!
  • Complete scheduling system with month-at-a-glance calendar allows you to see your full month, while Weekview and Dayview Calendars also provide views of your full week and day!
  • Completely networkable for unlimited computers at no additional charge!
  • Multilayered, built-in security allows you to control your employees’ access to everything
  • On-screen owner and pet warnings
  • Prevents overbooking
  • Deceased pet indicator
  • Tracks prepayments, customer balances, and credits.
  • Built-in cash drawer, receipt printer, mag stripe reader, and bar code scanner support!
  • Email reminders
  • Caller ID support: Opens the client card or starts the booking as soon as the phone rings! (Not available at this time)
  • Inventory scanning gun support
  • Easily check pet in and out
  • Email whatever you want to active, inactive, or selected clients… complete with an attachment!
  • Create and print your own custom contract for each module!
  • Hundreds of management reports, including schedules, time-sheets, revenue, projections, and more!
  • Wait list feature lets you keep track of who would like a reservation in case of any cancellations!
  • PetDetect ID Collar integration!
  • Use your webcam to easily put client and pet photos on their cards!
  • Self-serve Touch Screen check-in for all modules!
  • Full gift card support! Allows your customers to purchase gift cards for family and friends for use in your shop!
  • Store and display scanned documents for each client and pet! Reduces the amount of paperwork immediately by allowing you to scan and store documents digitally with either the client or pet card, or both!
  • Email invoices to your clients! Saves paper by allowing you to send an invoice to your client’s email address!
  • Send your clients text messages right through Kennel Connection! You can send personal messages and reminders, right to your clients’ cell phones, and they can reply directly to you!
  • Mobile grooming module! Schedule your clients accurately and efficiently by zone, and print point-to-point maps!
  • Multiple Locations Module Connect all of your locations and share your data between facilities!
  • Boarding packages!
  • Daycare package expirations!
  • Report cards! Print and email report cards for each pet right from Kennel Connection! 
  • Vaccination expiration emails!
  • Birthday message emails!
  • Thank you emails!
  • Set up a package for almost everything!
  • Discount and loyalty programs!

Boarding module

  • Prevents overbooking!
  • Completely customizable to charge your clients the way YOUR facility charges: by night, by day, no charge for pickups before x, charge extra x for pickups after, etc.
  • Tracks no shows and pets not picked up
  • Allows for multi-pet discounting
  • Schedule pets into daycare while in for boarding (requires daycare module).

Grooming module

  • Supports multiple groomers, bathers, and commissions
  • Prevents overbooking! Set maximum appointments by shop or by employee!
  • Built-in scheduler allows you to set work schedules for your groomers and bathers so you will know if they’re available when setting appointments.
  • Create recurring appointments
  • Tracks baths, grooms, nails, and other for grooming appointments

Mobile Grooming module

  • All of the features of our Grooming module, plus:
  • Schedules appointments by zone
  • Groups appointments by 13 self-defined zones, allowing you to efficiently schedule appointments in the same area
  • Sort schedules by zone.
  • Weekly schedule is color-coded by zone.
  • Reports include breakdowns by zone.

Daycare module

  • Tracks daycare packages and days/hours left, including negative and half days.
  • Configurable to be able to schedule pets into rooms!

Training module

  • Schedules classes, in-board training, and one-on-one
  • Tracks trainers’ schedules, income, and commissions

Petsitting module

  • CallerID tracking of all of your sitters! Know when they’ve arrived, and when they’ve departed the premises! (Not available at this time)
  • Prints work orders for each client

Add-On Modules And Accessories

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Remote Support

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