February 22, 2017


cloud limitations


Kennel Connection Cloud Limitations & Hardware Capabilities


  • Chrome
  • Firefox

SUPPORTED WINDOWS VERSIONS FOR REMOTE APP CLIENT: (Remote app connection no longer supported as of 04/01/2017)

  • Windows 7*
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

*Remote App may or may not function properly with this operating system. Web access will function properly.

Hardware & Add On Capabilities

We have tested each piece of hardware and add-on modules we support and sell for our the desktop version. We can not guarantee hardware not purchased from us will work. The following is a chart of our supported hardware findings with KC Cloud:

Cloud Limitations

** CC Processing works using a Mag Stripe Reader. EMV/chip reader capabilities do not work at this time. Must be signed up with our processor on the WebService platform to use the CC processing capabilities.

**Online Reservation System (basic) only. Real time is not available for cloud.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON REGULAR, RECEIPT AND PET-DETECT PRINTERS:  Some printers and printer setups/sharing are not supported and we cannot guarantee that your printer or network sharing of printers will work.  Receipt printers cannot be shared and will work from the computer the device is connected to only. Multiple receipt printers may be used. Pet Detect Printers cannot be shared and will work from the computer the device is connected to only. The only receipt printer we can support are ones purchased from us, Star TSP100s. All supported hardware must be purchased from our sales team. *Pet Detect printers are no longer supported with KC-Cloud as of 04/01/2017.

Remote app printing relies heavily on your local computer for printing and uses Windows remote desktop protocols and security certificates to print to your printers. These protocols and certificates may or may not be on your computer or they may be outdated especially if you use an operating system prior to Windows 8.1. Support will make an attempt to get remote app printing working but cannot guarantee it. If remote app printing does not work, web access must be used as web access printing uses browser based printing protocols and relies much less on your local computer. Anti-virus can also interfere with remote printing both from remote app and browser access. Support may ask you to uninstall the anti-virus completely from one machine to rule out or in your anti-virus as the cause. *Remote app connection is no longer supported as of 04/01/2017.


  • The recommended way to connect to KC Cloud when on your desktop computers is through a Web Browser. Either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • To add pictures and documents to your cloud folders, you’ll need to use a desktop remote app on a Windows operating system. (Desktop remote app can be provided to you upon request.) This is the only method that allows the transfer of files from your desktop, to the cloud folders.
  • Right clicks are disabled in the KC Folders window (NOT your normal right clicking in KC, just when in the folders window.) You must use the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste.
  • Only KC associated files may be moved to these cloud folders. Any others will be removed.  Files must be placed in one of the three folder Docs, pix or receipts. Those are the only folders that are backed up.
  • Viewing the files you place in the cloud folders is not possible through the cloud. If there is a file pic, doc or receipt that you have attached to a customer record that you need to view, you must locate the file in the Pics, Docs or Receipts folder, copy it and paste it to your desktop. You may then open it locally.
  • There is no export functionality through KC Cloud. If you need to export something to PDF, you can download a PDF printer from the web if you don’t have Microsoft PDF printer already installed. Then set that printer as default. Now when you print from KC, it will print a PDF to your screen instead of to your 8 ½ x 11 printer. (Make sure to set your default printer back to the 8 ½ x 11 printer when complete)
  • Some computers will not auto show screen printed reports. You may need to move your mouse arrow over the KC icon on your task bar and see if the report is there (sometimes behind the icon.) If you see it, click it to show the report.
  • If you have slower less stable Internet, the more machines you connect simultaneously may cause a slow down on your cloud connections.
  • Scheduled server and software updates are done as needed between the hours of 12:00AM and 5:00AM EST. Any sessions still connected will be sent one warning message before being disconnected automatically. The server will reboot each morning at 3:30AM EST. Any connections not logged off will be automatically disconnected at this time.
  • The documents and pictures folders have a combined limit of 7 GB total per customer.
  • If you are new to the cloud and have a large number of documents and photos to move to the Cloud, you will be responsible for transferring them to us via a service such as Google Drive or Drop Box instead of uploading them through your cloud connection initially. Copy and pasting to the Cloud is only acceptable for a small amount of documents/photos at a time. Large uploads will disconnect your session.
  • Full database and folder backups are done nightly. If for any reason a database needs to be restored, it will be from the nightly backup that occurred the previous night. Data from the time the backup was taken to the time of restore will be lost.
  • We will provide one free backup copy of your database to you upon request. All backup requests after the first will be billed for one hour of labor.
  • Prompts for printing within the Cloud will only allow for one document selection.  For example, when checking in a pet, in the desktop version you can print multiple items such as kennel card, daycare card, etc.  In the Cloud,  you can only choose one to print.
  • The only browsers we support for the HTML/web logins are: Chrome & Firefox.
  • Customers are limited to a maximum of 4 concurrent logins into the system at once. More than four may result in an extra charge being assessed to your account. Please contact us for details of that charge.

Remote Support

If you have been requested by a technical support agent to join a remote session, Click Here