August 31, 2017

Managed Backup Service Details

Managed Backup Service Details


We suggests only using this on a machine that has stable, high-speed Internet access and enough free machine resources to support the desktop application and the backups being made. Minimum 10GB free hard disk space recommended.

We will setup an appointment with you to install this service and set your SQL backup parameters.

A SQL server database is required for any option that includes a backup of the Kennel Connection database. (SQL installs/configurations are not covered under support.) If you are not already using the SQL server version of Kennel Connection and wish to use this service, please contact Sales at (888)486-4343 for pricing.

SQL 2012 or higher is required. If you are using anything prior, you will need to upgrade.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2012, 2012R2 & 2016 are the only supported operating systems for Manged Backup.

When we configure your SQL backup for you, the backup manager should be left alone and untouched after the fact. As long as your system/ Internet connection allow, it will back up regularly according to the settings. We cannot guarantee that users of that machine will not tamper with the settings or backup utility; this could cause your backups to fail and to be non-recoverable in the time of need. If BCS determines your settings have been tampered with, we cannot be held responsible for failed backups and charges may apply to reconfigure the backup settings.

There are other machine and environment issues/variables that could be cause for failed backups. Please read through the service agreement on the signup page to find out more.

BCS will configure the SQL backup parameters for you once. If it is required again, charges may be applied.

This backup service uses “archiving”. What does this mean? In regular online backup services, if you delete a file from your computer that is being backed up, it will also delete from the backup server upon the next backup as it thinks you no longer need it. This service does not do that. Once you backup a file, it’s there until you delete it from the backup server or your account is cancelled.

All Managed Backup communication including alerts, payment emails and general notifications will be communicated using email. It is up to the subscriber to monitor their email in-box for these notifications. Failure to respond can result failed backups, missed backups and/or account termination.

You will be allotted up to a certain number of GB of space, depending on the plan you select, for your backups. Once you reach your maximum space, you will be notified and have the opportunity to purchase more space or delete older backups.

Signing up for Automatic, Recurring Billing online is required to use the service.

If your account is cancelled for non-payment or for any reason, your backed up data will be available for 7 days. If your payment is not received or you do not re-sign up for services, all of your backed up data will be deleted from our servers

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